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For Everyone

Adult Day Programs

At the age of 22 families face the end to entitled educational services provided by schools. Many adults with disabilities end up at home with little to do. Our program concentrates on teaching the daily living skills that are needed for each individual to reach their highest level of independence. Goals range from learning to shower independently to learning how to interact in a public place.

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Respite Care For Children

The Respite Center serves children from birth to three years. Children in this program have significant disabilities and medical issues. During the course of the day children receive the physical, occupational, and developmental therapies they need combined with water play, crafts and fun. These activities take place around medication, tube feedings, and medical procedures

Employment Support For Individuals with Disabilities

We have developed thirteen job sites. We provide job development, training and coaching within these sites for many of our adults with developmental disabilities. The joy of having a job has the wonderful effect of increasing self-confidence, responsibility and the overall feeling of being a productive part of society.

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Elementary School
Disability Awareness

We have partnered with the elementary schools in town to teach disability awareness. We visit every second and third grade classroom and answer questions about disabilities. After our initial visit the students come to the Respite Center to meet children with disabilities.

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